Dazzling beauty of Drew Barrymore

Fashion is another unique part of most of the celebrities around the world. It also depends on the sole nature and the choice of the celebrity on any fashion related matter. One of the sophisticated fashion fans is Drew Barrymore. Even though this Hollywood actress achieved a “ripped plenty” for her selection of clothing at Golden Globe awards this year, actress Drew Barrymore maintains that she does not “regret” her fashion blunder.

The star of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ wore a bright green unflattering dress to the most awaited award function, but what caught her a number of comments was the actuality that she went there braless – something which made her cute breast droop dramatically.

However, Drew Barrymore is unfazed with the comments she received and insisted that there is no regret for such moments as she sensed that they helped to really “define” her.

This was not only the first time that the gorgeous actress’ logic of style come up to fire, for she also remind the moments when she wore unique daisies in her long hair to the Oscars and another decision which also had her on peak of the critics directory for most awful outfit. This celebrity net worth holds grand possessions. A recent report stated that, Barrymore has lowered the cost of the Montecito Mansion to $600,000 and the celebrity net worth has dropped down to 8 percent.

The 38-year-old Hollywood beauty was seen sporting a stud in her tongue as she step down the red carpet. Barrymore showed off her lovely pierced tongue at the red carpets of the Golden Globes on January 11. Fashion will not remain still as ever and of course the trend keeps changing every now and then. Whatsoever may be the change; it is after all our likes and dislikes whether or not to choose them up!

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