Contribution of GERES wiemann and the importance of Geres group

Importance of good Environment
Every person wants to get a good environment that is why they visit some tourist places. Realising this situation GERES Wiemann want to get a revolution in the field of windmills. Gere’s group together works on this project they firstly complete their enquiry then they decided to ban the windmills who submit the fraud report. As a result, plants quickly grow up absorbing the natural energy.

For these activities,Gere’s group became famous for the common people, and their activities became effective, but sometimes they face some problems. Then they can easily establish their motto in the society and change the whole situation of the environment and save the natural elements.
Several issues that prevented GERES GmbH from implementing their plan
GERES GmbH and the companion have implemented several ideas through the windmills, but to a certain extent, it was noticed with some fraud and wrong information, and therefore the plans and ideas were rejected. Here are some of the points that will highlight the negative that it has got for the environment as well as for the people. These points are listed as follows:

• First of all the windmills that were developed in that particular as contained some fraud information and that might result in certain problems.
• The area that it will cover will also leave the people unallocated, and that might also result in problems for the people.
• The water bodies near to such plants are also expected to get pollute, and therefore it may hamper larger mass of waterbodies.
• The area that was targetedwould include flora and fonnaand by establishing such would hamper all these lives thus it was better not to establish, and that resulted in rejection.
TheNorbert Wiemann and the companion did not stop at that point, rather they planned on and thereby they got some better ideas which are ultimately helping the environment as well as people to lead a better life.

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