Communicate with safety on Blackberry using PGP encryption

In today’s’ s world of increasing connectivity through internet more and more people are using mobile phone data connections to stay in touch and to access their social media accounts and send emails for work. With increased online connectivity, there is the increased problem of someone hacking into your account on any of the sites or hacking your phone and sending spurious messages or emails.

Blackberry devices have always been known to provide a secure platform to send e mails, text messages etc on all blackberry devices and these are the prime advantages to anyone buying a blackberry device or to corporate buying blackberry devices to give to their employees. Blackberry devices follow the pgp encrypted Pretty good Security program developed by Pal Zimmerman in 19991. The message to be sent is encrypted using an encryption key which is sent along with the message to the receiver. At the receiver end, the message is decrypted using the receiver’s private key. This ensures the safety and authenticity of the data sent between two devices. You can be pretty sure that it is the sender who has sent the message and not somebody else who might have stolen the device.

These encryption decryption program or PGP encryption protocol can be purchased from service providers to be used on your own blackberry device or you can buy PGP enabled blackberry devices. These encrypted blackberry use 256 bit encryption and all keys are generated by the user so you can be sure that none of your messages can be intercepted. No data is stored on the server and even your inbox or outbox is periodically wiped to ensure that no one can access your e mail.

Ensure your privacy with premium encryption services on any blackberry device and communicate in total anonymity.

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