Celebrity Net Worth and their respective domain details

• ExxonMobil: Regarding market capital valuation, it is the world’s largest company having a net worth of $365 billion.
• Intel: You must be familiar with world’s leading microprocessor manufacturer. It has a net worth of $150 billion.
• Facebook: MarkZuckerberg has a net worth of $45 billion and also holds the 7th position worldwide.
• EA: Here comes another familiar Electronic Arts company developing games has a net worth of $875 million.

• Apple: Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. The celebrity net worth is of $53 billion.
Richest People of the world:
So, summarizing all of them the list for world’s richest person is made ready for you, have a glance at it.
• Bill Gates, $90 billion holding the first rank.
• Jeff Bezos, $89 billion standing very next to Bill Gates.
• Amancio Ortega, this Spanish fashion executive has a net worth of $80 billion holding the 3rd position.
• Warren Buffet, $75 billion holding the 4th position.
• Vladimir Putin, the Russian politician, has a net worth of $70 billion.
• Mark Zuckerberg, holding the 6th rank has a net worth of $62 billion.

Activities allied to celebrity net worth:
All the data mentioned above and the information is estimated by applying a special algorithm of proprietary and from public estimations. Across the globe, the celebrities are still stockpiling more and more wealth. You may be anywhere at any stage of the financial journey, this stories of celebrity net worth will do invigorate you to the fullest.

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