Buying Runescape Gold Online

Purchasing gold on the internet is a guaranteed method to get your Runescape account prohibited. That, you may lose all the other Runescape accounts which you have. Jagexwill prohibit any account that’s originating from that specific IPaddress and log your IP.

For the osrs gold sellers, this is no big deal. For them it’s an issue of using them and losing one degree 3 player because they are always creating these mule players. If one deleted and gets caught they’ve plenty more to take its position. This iswhy if you ever buy gold from one of the sellers you WOn’t see a higher degree character giving the gold to you. They ensure that their higherlevel money making characters are never connected with the gold transactions themselves. They are going to then use these higher degree manufacturing company accounts that are gold and havethem trade with a shadow account. That shadow account will trade with thegold dealer account. By doing this the gold manufacturing company account that is really precious is alwaysinsulated and for the most part safe from scrutiny as it’s never actuallyassociated with the gold dealer accounts.
So when Jagex does eventually get one of those low level mule seller goldaccounts, they monitor the IP interaction that it’s with other players. Oncethey have sufficient action they prohibit everyother character and the first gold selling mule that traded with them with nothing elseof worth being given in exchange for huge level of gp.
What these means for you personally is your character (whatever degree it may be)will be forever prohibited. So that grade 73 character which you have beenworking on for months will soon be gone and all your effort along with it. And there is not a single thing you can do about it. Because you broke the rules yourappeals will not be listened to by Jagex. The osrs gold sellers is not going to care you got their gold and becausethey got their cash. You are going to be out of luck.

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