Brush Up your teeth in seconds

Everyone is so busy in their life that they don’t care for their health, one of the biggest problem that is seen in youngsters are they forget to brush up their teeth when going for the work or any party which leads to plague or pain in teeth and many more harmful effects on the body so to save their time a new electric tooth brush have been made so that you don’t need to take as much time to brush your teeth, just some seconds and you are ready to go with a fresh and attractive tooth. It saves your time more than any other regular tooth brush so have a try and you will understand yourself why it is important for your daily needs.

How to use this electric brush
First and main problem with this electric brush is that people don’t know how to use it, but frankly it is easy as fun, First and important thing before using it for the first time is to charge it for at least 12 hour. Adults can use it on Speed I for some seconds and then can change the speed to II as it will help in plague removal very fast. Kids while using kids electric toothbrush should use extra soft brush head with the speed of I. Before putting the brush in your mouth press the power button and a Led light will indicate that it’s working, Press power button once for slow speed and once you start using it press it again for a faster speed.
Why to choose this electric brush over regular brush
The only thing one can say about this brush it is 5 times more preferable and continuously been used by today’s generation, with the excellent mechanism that makes it above any other kind of brush.

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