Bet stars: A better bookmaker in the world of betting

First of all, you should be familiar what a bookmaker is. A bookmaker, turf accountant or a bookie is a person or an organization who takes a bet on sports and other events at agreed upon odds. It includes a wide range of sports and games.

History of Bet star website

Established in 2007 Bet star is an Australian Corporate Bookmarking firm established and based in Melbourne and Darwin. Founded by father and son Michael and Alan Eskander, this new bookmaker in the world of betting should soon be a leading player in the industry given the experience of those behind the product. The is launched properly during the first half of 2016 while the operator improves its platform and all sports betting inventory.

What does it offer?

Bet star will offer all types of niche sports which include martial arts and the eSports arena and other major sports. Here is a list of what it offers:

• Basketball

• American football

• Cricket

• Darts

• eSports

• Football

• Golf

• Boxing

• Mixed martial arts

• Horse racing

• Tennis

• Rugby and much, much more

Bet stars review

The logo of Bet stars and poker stars though looks the same, but they are completely different. It is an effective website which allows you to place all bets in a quicker and efficient way without any complications. As it is new in the market, the application is available on both iPhone and Android devices. The plus point is that this application runs as first in phones as it runs on desktops. The design is simple and eye soothing which makes it very friendly and not overpowering like other bookmaker websites. And finally, it also provides you with its new promotional offers like “Spin and Bet” which allows you to x10 the odds of the certainbet, especially Football Bets.

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