Best idea to create magician themed birthday parties

Now have your child’s favorite magician theme as your birthday party. For the birthday party, you must have lots of creativity or must take some professional’s idea. Here are some ideas to decorate your party.

The arrangements

Make some interesting things at your entranceas in the magician programs like a board where it says we welcome Children Magicians in New York for the birthday party, or welcome to the show etc. later inside the room place a guest table and arrange the equipment of the magicians such as a top hat, white gloves, dice, rabbits, magic want etc. which are related to the magic. Place a card in each table which can be a pass or a seating card.

Costumes, Cake and food

Make your child a complete magician by helping them in wearing a black pant, white top, top hat, a bow tie etc. for the want to decorate or paint the chop-stick. Make sure you prepare the cake related to the theme like you can prepare wand shaped cake,hat shape or rabbit shape etc. and the food like a sandwich in a bunny shape etc. You can even offer star cookie,fizzy drinks, popcorn etc.

Games and activities

Arrange for a magic show which makes the children interesting and creates fun. If you are planning the party on your own without any entertainer you can do the magic show on your own and you have some time to teach the tricks you made. But having an entertainer at the party will consume time and makes the party interesting. They even try to call some random kid at the stage for performing the tricks.
You can use the things which are arranged on the guest tables as a party favor to them. Or some magic trick kits such pluck of cards, scarf, the ping pong balls, dice bunch of coins etc. giving these can be a token of love for coming to the party.

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