Benefits of getting your private limited company registration

If you have a private limited companyregistration of your own and it is not yet registered, it is time for you to get it registered. A registered company has various advantages.

Advantages of company registration
From a number of different advantages of getting a company registered, some of them are listed below:
• Company registration gives the benefit of limited liability to its members, which means that in case of any losses, the members are only liable to pay up to the amount of share held by them. No creditor can seize the personal belongings of the shareholders.
• Another benefit of a Pvt. Ltd. Company registration is that it keeps going. In other words, the company is not affected by any mishappenings to the shareholders like death etc.
• The scope of expansion is more in a registered company than in a non-registered company. Wondering why? Well, the limited liability of the shareholders increases the chance to raise capital. So, that’s one of the biggest advantages to a company formation.

• High valuation of a company is the result of some loyal customers. A registered company is able to win the trust of the customers and hence results in the higher valuation of the brand than the one that is not a registered company.
A registered company is bound to the laws and in case of any problems, there are legal steps that could be undertaken to get rid of the same. A non-registered Pvt Ltd Company Registration cannot go to the court or cannot sue anyone if the same problems tend to happen to him or her. So, that is another advantage of getting a company registered.
So, getting a company registered is one main step of any business, which should not be neglected.

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