Anthony Nobles: the teacher who changed the world medical devices

When the technology revolution invaded the whole world the field of medicine could not be left behind in its advances, but it was not going to imagine that its major advances that evolved in the current medical devices, as well as the great impact in cardiac surgery and The whole area of cardiology, would come from the innovative ideas of the teacher, educator, and innovator Anthony Nobles.

Professor nobles is a biomedical engineer, successful businessman and president of the famous Board of Directors and CEO. His great personal motto applied in his various companies is to help as many people through the development of new technologies, this has led him to have his friends and closest colleagues give him the nickname Tony Nobles mentioning Tony Stark the well-known character of the anime of Marvel.
Professor began his development of medical devices at the beginning of the eighties when he created his first great invention regarding a medical device. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to produce around 156 medical devices, which are covered by patents around the world that total more than 70, a number of great relief being the highest in the world for any individual. Its greatest achievements have now become adopted and highly commercialized devices thanks to the leading manufacturers of medical devices, including Boston Scientific & Johnson.
He is a person whose life goal is to help others, Noble, in turn, has participated in numerous presentations or conferences throughout many universities of the North American territory, highlighting the American College of Surgeons, the American College of Neurosurgery, the Society of Vascular Surgery, Harvard Medical School, UCLA Medical School and many others institutes and universities.
Professor Nobles together with his family created the Nobles Family Foundation where financial support is offered to the most disadvantaged families and is responsible for organizing activities for the children.

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