A quick overview of the Spyder MR6 Gun

The Spyder MR6 is a gun that is becoming increasingly popular day by day. What makes this gun stand out is the dual loading system that allows the gun to use both a hopper or a top loader and also a magazine feed. There are only a handful of paintball guns that allow you to do that, with the Tiberius Arms rifle being another gun that allows the same.

To switch between the two loading systems, all you have to do is twist the barrel when you are done with the hopper or the magazine. It is as simple as that. Besides being very convenient, it is incredibly cool to do as well. You are guaranteed to get a lot of amazed looks when you demonstrate how you gun works, to fellow paintball players.

This is also one of few guns that loads from both magazine and hopper and also support first strike paintballs. If you don’t know about first strike paintballs, they are special paintballs that are designed to give you extra range, with little deviation, especially when you compare it to regular paintballs.

The gun features a very impressive 14 inch barrel. Now, while most paintball players immediately swap out the stock barrel for an after-market barrel, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use the MR6’s stock barrel. It is an impressive barrel that will keep you satisfied when it comes to aim quality and range, even in conditions with a lot of windage.

Though the MR6 uses a magazine feed, please note that it can only hold 9 paintballs per magazine. So, you must use your ammo wisely when using magazine mode.

Another thing to note about the Spyder MR6 is that recoil is a bit heavy. This is actually a feature that a lot of people seem to actually like, as it gives them a sensational feel of firing a serious weapon. Also, remember that a heavy recoil often means that you will use your ammo more wisely, simply because you will take more time between shots to steady your aim, something that most paintball players never do because they always think they can reload. Well, the problem is that you can get shot when you reload!

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