16 Bit Microprocessors Could Be Cheaper Than 8 Bit Alternatives

What could be more economical than just 8 bit microprocessor for 8 bit software! With the recent statements by TI that offer 16 bit micro controllers in 25 cent in volumes of 100,000 device, this may really be true. At the price you’ve got this superb device family which isn’t just ultra low power but also has fairly recent 16 bit RISC design.

In embedded applications in which you’re likely to create 100,000 units of your product anyway, you do not just get a super low power chip but 16 bit instruction set along with the corresponding processing capacity that will allow you to do more. The large benefit of ultra low power is the overpowering fascination to create this your device of choice.
On the present year that the manufacturer will create 100 unique devices in the household going around 16 MHz clock rate. At this time there are 27 devices out there. This is to be followed by 30 device, followed by 12 device and finally 51 device. 10 bit ADC, comparator, SPI and I2C devices, UART and capacitive I/O smart peripherals are also likely to be made accessible. So you’ve got a wide selection of peripherals on board. The first bunch of 12 devices (available today) and the next bunch of 12 devices have up to 2 KB of Flash, the next bunch of 30 device will improve flash memory to around 8 KB whereas the next lot will require this capability to 16 KB. A broad selection of package kind also simplify the system design. So that’s a really broad assortment of configurations, one of which will easily fit your requirements.
To lessen the growth pains the growth platforms available are rather cheap. The choices available include eZ430-F2013 growth system which costs just $20. This gives a real period in circuit emulation centre. Then you’ve got Flash emulation tools and socketed target board. It supplies both a USB based developer and a F2013 improvement board at a tiny USB stick bundle. A socketed target board is also available, and it will be a free standing target board.

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